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Monday, May 15, 2006
Real World

Mother's Day passed quietly in our house. No fancy store-bought cards nor sticky, messy homemade cards. No expensive, non-practical gifts nor cheap, practical gifts. Essentially, I got what I asked for. I received 3 1/2 hours of complete peace. I didn't have to: referee; nurse the injured; change dirty diapers; sing silly songs; hear any cries; answer one million questions; feed hungry mouths; wash filthy hands; administer any medications. Instead I leisurely cleaned the downstairs, washed some clothes, took a very long bubble bath, listened to cheesy love songs, perused numerous cookbooks, and watched a crappy movie on tv. Once the chaos returned I became restless and agitated. It was as if my sanity was slipping from my grasp. I then turned to the internet for relief and returned to Damomma's Mother's Day post. Elizabeth's amazing words and experience gave me the true peace I desperately needed. I needed to be reminded that I am blessed. I am extremely lucky to have a husband to accompany me on this crazy journey. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to see CJ grow into a smart, charming young man ... his Daddy in Heaven can only watch from afar. I can wrap my arms around CJ and whisper in his ear that I am so very proud of him each and every day. And Hunterman ... the joy he brings to this house is phenomenal. His fearless, kick-butt attitude should probably cause me fear but instead it only warms my heart. He loves just as furiously as he plays and "fights". He is driven by passion. And honestly, I need to be driven by that same passion every minute. I need to play, work and love with passion. I need to savor every moment I have with my boys (yes, I'm including Ed). And I will make a toast to them every night while drinking a few glasses (or bottle) of champagne.

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