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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
My Lifesavers

My guys at our favorite place -- the Outer Banks.

posted at 10:30 AM

New Year, New Us
I can't believe it has been a year and a half since I last posted. Yes, the miscarriage was difficult and traumatic. Sending my first born off to kindergarten and the baby off to preschool was devastating (at first). Returning to 40 hour work weeks was painful and tiring. But life got better -- or I just got over it all. CJ is now in first grade and is absolutely brilliant. Hunterman is in the midst of the atrocious three's and terrorizes us all daily (but boy how we love him!). Hubby and I are now expecting AGAIN! But I have made it to my second trimester and have seen this baby more times than I saw my first two boys together. Hubby is counting down to Jan. 9th when we find out if we are expecting a prince or a princess. Needless to say all the "men" of the house are wishing and praying for a little girl. Me --- I know boys. Boys are easy. Boys are messy. Boys are simple. I like boys.

I haven't made a resolution to return to blogging but it has felt good hitting the keyboard a little. And I have missed posting my pictures. So hopefully I will see you around more often.

posted at 10:15 AM